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Ceramic Lovers Statue Set

Ceramic Lovers Statue Set

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This contemporary ceramic set features a two-piece sculpture of a hugging couple with a rough textured finish.

It adds an element of elegant charm to any home, while its minimalistic and imperfectly glazed design enhances the atmosphere of any entryway, living room, bedroom, or dining area.

Placed on a fireplace or mantle it creates a captivating holiday display, reminding us of the love and care we should give our partners. The perfect gift for your beloved, friends, or family, this expertly crafted set celebrates life's special moments.

At 8" long and 10.2" high, the larger statue is impressively proportioned while its smaller counterpart clocks in at 6" in length and 7.8" in height. Weighing 4.2 pounds, its soft cushion base helps keep it in place while protecting your furniture.

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