About Us

Maison Des Cadeaux

London, United Kingdom

We aim to continuously develop and collaborate with talented designers to create new designs and unique products. Maison Des Cadeaux is your one stop shop for distinctive products across all categories for great gifts. Amazing items across numerous categories like Drinkware with our custom Bottle Openers, Stoppers, and other Accessories; many items for a Home so we can really help make your house feel like a home; things to spruce up your Kitchen, our beautifully elegant and unique range of Trays, and beyond.Our extensive collection means you can always rely on MDC to find you something that’s perfect for any occasion delivered straight to your door without the hassle of the high street. From the time we seek out the freshest styles, to our receipt of everything here at our warehouse, to everything is categorized, described, photographed, uploaded and shipped to our customers, our employees put extra time and effort into everything we do.